Dr. Obi Ugochukwu

As a first time home owner I was very hesitant and resistant to get involved with home ownership. I never thought that I would be ready to take that big step towards owning and being responsible for my own home. Andi Fleming was able to help me overcome my doubts and concerns about buying a home. She was always sending me information about good homes on the market and was always available to show me a home at any time. Even when things didn’t go my way she was always ready to push on and look for the next best deal. Soon after we began working together I was the proud owner of a new home. Andi makes you feel like a family member when she is working for you and you can tell that she always has your best interest at heart. To her it’s not just about the money. Andi will always try to get you the best possible deal and she really wants you to enjoy the experience of owning you first home…like I did! Thanks Andi.