Robert & Mary Dixon

We met Andi Fleming in 2005, while she was walking her dogs. During a conversation with her, we found out she was in real estate sales. Over the next six months or so I would see Andi, and in her, I saw and extraordinary woman with such confidence in her abilities in doing her job. She did not know that my wife and I were planning to sell our home and to relocate to South Carolina.

Subsequently, we began to interview agents to represent us in the sale of our home. I told my wife that we must include Ms. Fleming in this process. When her turn came, she showed such abilities to communicate her ideas to market our home that we selected her. She not only sold the house in record time, but for over list price at $550,000, nearly $200,000 more than any of the other seven agents interviewed by us had suggested.

Now three years later, she keeps us informed of what is going on in the DC real estate market with a monthly, well-constructed newsletter. Andi never promised us anything that she did not deliver. She consistently exceeds our expectations, both then and now, and we highly recommend her to sell anyone’s home or business.