Sandy Malone

I put my home on the market with a real estate agent a friend recommended in June of 2007. I hadn’t thoroughly researched the agent, but when I met with him initially, I liked him because he valued my home at significantly more money than my husband and I had anticipated. So we listed it at his recommended price and sat back to wait for an offer. And nothing happened. In fact, we didn’t get nearly the number of visits from potential homebuyers that we expected in the first weeks of the listing. We didn’t understand it and the agent couldn’t explain in. Within 30 days it was clear there was a problem. Within 60 days we’d [decided to find a new realtor].

Andi Fleming came highly recommended by several people in the neighborhood. We interviewed her, but we also interviewed six other realtors. Andi came across as the most professional and straightforward of all of them. She told us our house was mispriced and and gave us a gross reality check about what we could ask and expect to get in the current market. She did the best comparisons with other properties on the market and recently sold, and showed us how we fit into the overall picture. She knew we were trying to sell the house and move by a deadline for business reasons, and she worked with us to establish a schedule for the pricing of the house that would allow us to ask the maximum amount we could and still sell it within a few months. She was right on target with every number she gave us. And the house sold for almost exactly the amount of money Andi predicted.

Andi was fun to work with, she was patient when I was confused, and she was persistent when the buyers’ realtor was dragging her feet. She invested money in the sale of our home with advertisements, postcards and flyers, and she took me out to celebrate when all was said and done. It was the first time I’d ever sold a house and she made the process significantly less painful than I expected it to be. I only wish I’d started out with Andi instead of that other realtor — every day you have your house on the market counts and if we’d had Andi from the beginning, we probably would have sold our house faster and for more money!